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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thinking about writing a book

I've received a lot of requests to do interviews based on this blog. Some are for documentaries, some for articles, and some for radio/tv. I've also had a lot of great feedback about the blog, and it's made me consider writing a book.

I've written a couple books, but they were textbooks so it's different.

My hesitation is that I'm not really sure what the point would be. Should I approach this as a memoir type thing? If so, I don't know if it would work because there isn't really a conflict or a climax, or even a good ending. I could write about the life conflicts and the path from starting to this break I'm taking, but I'm not convinced that it's compelling. Would I write it as an informational book? If so, I hesitate because I'm not a medical doctor and it's not like there is a large lay-audience who are egg donors (as opposed to, say, infertile couples doing IVF).

What do you all think? Do you think there is even an audience for this sort of thing?


At 10:58 PM , Blogger aibee said...

Yes, I do.

There's a heap of literature on how egg donation is done, but how much is out there about how it feels?

At 11:00 PM , Blogger aibee said...

...both emotionally and physically.

Okay then, I'm done. :)

At 8:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog - I love the pomegranate video, and it should be an instant classic among egg donors and all women who undergo IVF! Do you know that the pomegranate is in fact a major symbol of fertility in some cultures?

Anyway, I wanted to point out, in case you don't know, that there is a book out called Confessions of a Serial Egg Donor. I ordered it when my husband and I started considering egg donation. It's pretty funny, and similar to what you say about the plot, it rambles and has the rise and fall of normal life going on. I'd love to know whether Julia Derek's experience and feelings with ED are typical...

At 3:58 PM , Blogger cass said...

I was wondering if you guys can help. I just completed my first donation cycle on May 22. Since then my abdomen has become swollen and painful. I even have what looks like a new stretch mark. I look like I'm pregnant. It hurts to breath deep, it hurts to walk up stairs, I can't even suck my belly in and its as hard as a rock under my belly button. Is this normal? I am miserable. I called the clinic and went in on May 26. They said I had 8 liters of fluid and that this would go away naturally. They said to use a heating pad. I looked on line and what I have seems to be the symptoms of overstimulation. Any ideas?????

At 4:18 PM , Anonymous Egg Donor said...

Hi, Cass,

Yes - you have Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS). This happened to me on my first cycle, too. You can read about it on an earlier post:

Your clinic should have had you come in and they should be checking you frequently. When this happened to me, I had to go in every day.

There isn't a lot they can do unless it gets REALLY bad and then you go to the hospital. What you can do is to intake a LOT of salt. I literally was drinking grainy salt water, eating rice swimming in soy sauce, etc. That helped it go away. All together, I gained 17 pounds in 3 days and it took about 2 weeks for me to go back to normal.

Try the salt things and what they recommend. If it gets to the point where normal breathing hurts or is difficult (that's how it was for me), insist that they bring you in and do an abdominal sonogram to see if it's getting worse. If you need to just talk about it or if you have questions, email me at


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