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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Things to Enjoy

There are some things I really enjoy about the donation process, aside from the whole gratification of helping people and such.

I really like the retrieval. I usually don't go to bed before 4am, but I love getting up all early when it's dark out and driving to the clinic on the Beltway with no traffic. I love stopping at the drugstore before I get to the clinic to buy a card for my recipients and to browse around when no one is there and nothing else is open. I love getting TO the clinic when the first staff members are arriving - it makes them seem so much more human.

Those little footies with the treads on them are surprisingly warm, too. The blanket they put on me in the operating room is nice and warm. I feel very secure strapped in. I adore the anesthetic. I love that feeling of drifting off to sleep with nothing on my mind, and waking up from it. I love the ginger ale that they give me when I'm in recovery.

I love sleeping on the drive home, druggedly making my way up to collapse in bed, and sleeping until 2 in the afternoon. I adore the big sandwich I always make for myself when I get up because I'm starving and it's so good.

I realize this all makes me very odd indeed. "Oh sure," says the Egg Donor, "I love elective surgery."

However, I am currently enjoying the lack of shots, my normal sized ovaries, the 2 days periods thanks to my fabulous new birth control (Mircett - I highly recommend it), and no migraines during my week off the b/c (also thanks to the special estrogen pills you take on the off week with Mircett). I am REALLY enjoying the intense running and traveling I can do without any restrictions on my schedule.

But I do - I miss the retrievals. We'll see how things work out toward the summer to do another one.


At 3:25 PM , Anonymous Lynnette said...

I actually get this. I like those things, too. I even like waking up from oral surgery in December and that was 10x worse than egg retrieval.

At 9:20 AM , Anonymous GoldenGoose said...

I totally understand this, too! I was terrified going into my first retrieval but I've really come to like the retrievals since then (I've donated three times). I love the deep, delicious sleep the anesthesia induces! I just recently wrote about this in my own blog, which I just started.

At 5:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've done IVF twice and I have to admit that I refer to ER days as "spa days." Love the warm blankets and the juice and cookies aftewards. I only wish I could wake up with my nails done too!


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