Egg Donation

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Another delay

The recipient is having another D&C, so we're postponed again, with a new tentative retrieval date of March 22. For me, the suffering is relatively limited - just another extra month with a week long migraine from these birth control pills.

I really feel for this woman, and I hope we finally get to move forward this next time.

Sunday, January 16, 2005


I read a few blogs (Tertia's So Close and Julie's A Little Pregnant) written by women who, until very very recently, were going through infertility treatments. Julie's in particular covers 4 or 5 years, 4 IVFs, and the resulting pregnancy that ended with the birth of Charlie after Thanksgiving. Much the same idea for Tertia who gave birth to twins just a couple weeks ago.

Their blogs have, up until now, related to mine in that they detailed processes. A blog about IVF and pregnancy is easy in a way. It's a process with fixed steps. There are lots of little goals along the way that allow you to track your progress to a defined big goal at the end (egg retrieval, egg transfer, pregnancy, birth). I wonder about their blogs now. They are both amazing writers and I'm sure the content will continue to be greatly entertaining and of high quality. At the same time, I think that there is just not as much literary quality to writing about raising a child. It's not that this is not interesting, but it's not a process in the same way. There are a million little milestones along the way, but they don't mean the same thing. "Today was Stim Day 7" tells so much more about the state of things than "Today, Ricky had his first taste of bananas". These goals just aren't as critical as the steps in IVF and pregnancy. The big goal at the end is also really vague if it exists at all. What is the goal? Raising a happy child? Perhaps, but the endpoint is really unclear, and the steps are also not well defined.

Again, I don't mean to say it is not interesting or challenging or a fascinating process to raise a child. I am, however, an intensely goal oriented person. I need my life divided into well defined goals with clear end points and definite steps that can be established along the way. Child rearing does not fit cleanly into that life paradigm for me and, from that perspective, it is a less interesting process to follow along. You can't blame this on the fact that I'm not a parent. I feel the same way about, say, marriage. I AM married and I know there are so many events that define its path and that it is an interesting and exciting and wonderful part of life. BUT, because there is not some end goal, I am less interested in following a tracking of that aspect of a person's life.

That also is why there aren't many posts here except for the ones related to the steps in my egg donation cycles. I actually do have blogs about other parts of my life and each blog is dedicated to a different process I'm going through. I suppose this isn't particularly profound, but it seemed somehow relevant to this blog.

Then again, maybe I need to go spend some time in that process of going to sleep.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Back On!

The donation is back on for late February. I asked about the recipient and said that I'd heard the D&C usually used to treat endometrial polyps was pretty intense. Apparently it's considered minor, but I suppose that's relative.

Anyway, we're a go for late Feb, and I'm very happy all around.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Bad News

I got a call last week and just haven't posted about it. Donation 5 has been postponed because my recipient had polyps. I need to do some more research on this, as I don't know if she will need a D&C to take care of it, or if it's something that can be done with a less drastic treatment. In any case, this means I have to remain on those crappy crappy birth control pills for another month. Hopefully we'll have a late February retrieval.